Facts about airline ticket consolidators that show their reality

Big facts about airline ticket consolidators that show their reality

  • Airfare consolidator purchases a bulk of airline tickets and resells them to travel agencies/agents.
  • Consolidator fares are often the lowest available fares and it’s hard to beat those fares.
  • Travel agents can manage highly-discounted flight tickets in premium classes with the help of a business class consolidator.
  • There are greater chances of getting the required group seats when travel agents connect with an airline consolidator.
  • Consolidators can reach niche markets, due to their travel networks, which helps airlines sell airfares on difficult flight routes. For example, airlines like Brussels Airlines, Virgin Australia, and Etihad can serve the US-based travelers also and make their routes more accessible.
  • An airline consolidator can easily handle last-minute bookings and can present the best available deals for them.
  • When you enter the consolidator world, you can get decent discounts on any fare type, including group fares.
  • A consolidator helps manage complex itineraries in a proper way.
  • Exclusive and well-negotiated fares is a specialty of a flight ticket wholesaler.
  • Airfare consolidators have expertise in resolving various travel issues faced by customers like flight-cancellations, emergencies, and weather delays.

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