Data Security In The HR Tech Space

Data Security In The HR Tech Space

In today’s world where everything is digital and, mobile business and interconnectivity are rising to new heights, there is one thing which concerns every mind, that is security. It is not always hackers or some software attackers people are concerned about. There are other simple things which get messed up in the daily busy working days. Employees can make errors on their part. They are human beings too after all. And with the increase of bringing your own device policy, the chances for errors increase every day. On average companies use more than 15 software as Service Applications.

Moreover, all of these applications require the password. It is shocking to know that about 63% of data gets hampered due to either weak or default or stolen password. That is a scary number even for small businesses. It is also observed that employees make security mistakes by sending sensitive information to the sensitive information to the wrong people or not handling company information well, misconduct of the IT systems and sometimes due to the lost devices and the stolen laptop.

All you need to know about Data Security

Maintaining data security is an ongoing process. You should always be active in taking steps which help your team in keeping the sensitive pieces of information safe and secure. So here are some important steps to remember.

The first thing which the HR departments should remember about cyber security is that they have to be proactive rather than reactive. Technologies have penetrated every corner of business today. It is not only IT department’s responsibility to educate the other staffs about the reasons for data loss and how u can avoid it. You should provide special training to them for keeping the data safely. They should have a thorough knowledge of security protocols. One thing which is important to prevent data loss is to know how to create strong passwords and what should be the first thing to do if you suspect any problem or when u have lost a device which was connected to a business.

It is pointed out in a recent research that as people always look out for the easy way, workers prefer efficiency over data security. The employees might not be very aware of what security measures they should take or how alarming it can to set the same password for a number of websites. It might also be out of their thinking capability to construct a strong password.

Tips for Data Security

Perform a risk assessment

It is important to find out the weaknesses and strength of your employees. This helps in ensuring cybersecurity. That gives you enough space to provide the right training to the right person.

Communicate with employees

The compensation and benefits of this is you can motivate your employees to take part in the training and educate them. Getting in touch with your employees personally will help them go a long way with this.

Ensure that they are active in taking actions

Training is fine but it is also important that your staffs know all the trouble you will go through if the data security is shattered. Another thing is your staff should know the basic steps to put up if they see any kind of warning. You might want to develop a reporting system, which could be an internal communication panel which allows the workers to share information with each other or warn others about any latest scam.

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