Role of heat transfer fluid in chemical industry

Heat transfer fluids play a crucial role in making chemical fiber and polyester products. Processes such as polymerization, melting, extension and drying during synthesizing PET, PU, PA6 and PA all require high temperatures. Except for providing stable and accurate heat, fluids used in these processes shall also meet the strict safety demands.


SCHULTZ® S760 completely satisfies the strict demand of polyester and chemical fiber processing based on its remarkable thermal stability.


SCHULTZ® S750 is the first choice for a lot of chemical fiber and polyester manufacturers as their systems usually require operation temperature above 300℃.

The melt spinning and drying processes in chemical fiber production require accurate temperature control. SCHULTZ® S740 can be use in gas phase system and provide accurate and well-distributed temperature supply to system.


SCHULTZ® S720 is widely used in polymerization, extension and drying process in chemical fiber and polyester manufacture.


SCHULTZ® S715 satisfies the high demand of temperature control accuracy of chemical fiber and polyester manufacture for providing constant, stable and accurate heat.

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