International actress Silvia Busacca has set herself as one to watch, the model last month told an outlet “I have been dealing with violence against women therefore I would like to be the protagonist of an international film that brings a message of peace and protection to all women of the world.”

The beautiful star from Italy and a well known public figure in Europe. She is also known for her work as a Ambassador Model for the United Nations.

Talking to Modelonamission earlier this year Busacca spoke of hher future plans candidly saying “Among my future projects I would like to work with international film directors and producers in Los Angeles and Hollywood because my training course is international by Paul Haggis at Bernard Hiller at Robert De Niro, a few months ago we were shooting the scenes of an international short film in province of Benevento with the Hollywood producers taylor mane and Renae Geerlings of the Halloween I and II movie.


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