Brooklyn Pizza Restaurant Gets Threats After Video Links It To “Pizzagate” Hoax

Specialists at Roberta’s, a well known pizza joint in Brooklyn, got undermining telephone calls a week ago from individuals who evidently trust an exposed online lie asserting Hillary Clinton is fixing to a youngster sex trafficking ring that works out of pizza eateries.

In one such call put on Dec. 1, police say, the guest told a 24-year-old worker, “You will drain and be tormented.”

As per DNAinfo, Roberta’s gotten a comparable call the following day. In the second case, the guest inquired as to whether the eatery had any connection to a site known for spreading fake news about “Pizzagate,” as the paranoid fear is currently known.

A YouTube video distributed a week ago claims Roberta’s is attached to the bigger lie. Grubstreet notes it has upwards of 10,000 perspectives.

On Sunday, a man furnished with a strike rifle went to Comet Ping Pong, a pizzeria in D.C., trying to “self-research” the Pizzagate story. The man, recognized as Edgar Welch of North Carolina, clearly accepted he’d discover a progression of mystery passages at the back of the shop in which kids were covered up. He surrendered to police when he understood there was no confirmation the trick was valid.

Roberta’s did not quickly react to a demand for input from The Huffington Post.

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