John Oliver Decimates Exquisite Pie In the nick of time For Thanks giving

John Oliver is unquestionably known for “devastating” subjects including Donald Trump, the pharmaceutical business and FIFA on his HBO appear, “A week ago Today evening time.”

Presently in this selective clasp gave to The Huffington Post, you can watch Oliver’s hot-heated goes up against pies, hours before Thanksgiving starts.

“Yes, pie — not to be mistaken for quiche, which is pie’s high upkeep cousin who went to completing school and possesses monogrammed flatware,” Oliver says to start the portion.

The host goes ahead to claim “pies are a culinary seal of a country’s way of life,” refering to America’s crusty fruit-filled treat for instance. He then jokes that for Germans, their significant pie is spoken to by “Germany’s mark purge covering implying man’s regular condition of existential despondency.”

Prior to the end of this clasp, Oliver rebates appetizing pies completely, expressing they are not “pies by any stretch of the imagination.”

The video underneath is only a secret for a more drawn out portion on pies that you can observe just on the off chance that you buy Season 3 of “A week ago Today evening time” on Google Play.

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