Anderson Cooper Has The Perfect Response To Donald Trump’s Latest Freakout

CNN have Anderson Cooper said Donald Trump needs to abuse two sections of the Constitution with his tweet asking loss of citizenship and prison time for smoldering the American banner.

Be that as it may, Cooper thinks that its much additionally astounding that Trump seems to invest his energy watching link news and shooting dubious tweets as opposed to preparing for his up and coming employment as president of the United States.

Speaking Tuesday night on “Anderson Cooper 360,” Cooper said:

“We are in unknown waters with a president-elect who is keeping on tweeting similarly as he did, perhaps somewhat less, yet as he did amid the crusade. That is to say, when I first heard that he was tweeting about something that was on this communicate, various tweets ― once more, really mistaken tweets the previous evening ― I continued considering, ‘doesn’t he have, similar to, a preparation book on ISIS to peruse the previous evening?'”

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