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2 Cities to Visit for Wildflower Holidays if You cannot Respond to Mountain’s Call

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Everyone knows that nature should be close to the heart. But how many are actually following it? As time grows, people are breaking away from the core natural aspects. It is only deteriorating the human world. The best way to reconnect with nature is spending time with it. And what could be better than flower watching? Inhaling the alluring fragrance and observing nature’s bounty can improve your physical health and replenish mental health. When you are crippled with anxiety and depression, traveling brings peace to the inner self.

China has been on top of the list for hosting the beautiful flower watching trips. Sichuan and Yunnan have been two prominent places on this topic. Due to vertigo or other physical issues, many people are observing the vast pastures growing out in the wild. For these particular people, there is still a way to find happiness. Hence, China is ready to offer its beauty of flowers to an array of travelers all over the world. Here, two cities are important to mention. And sure, you are familiar with Shanghai and Beijing, right? To make the best out of wildflower holidays from the modern cities, go through the following section.

Exquisite Garden Architecture: Yu Garden  

Located in Shanghai, Yu Garden is a prestigious property in ancient Chinese history. In the past, this private garden has been part of the Ming Dynasty. There are archways, pagodas, zigzag bridges, and glittering pools. You can spend time gazing at the beautiful Jade Rock. There is also a century-old teahouse, namely, Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse. For the nature lovers, there is a surprise too. The beautiful garden is filled with exotic flowers.

There is a large number of chrysanthemum, plum, and orchid. Moreover, Yu Garden hosts the chrysanthemum show. This is organized in September and October of the lunar month. It is a dream event for every chrysanthemum lover.

Endless Flowering Trees in Beijing

Beijing Botanical Garden is one of the remarkable places to observe a myriad of flowers. You can find a large number of peach trees including chrysanthemum peach trees, bear big peach trees, and ornamental peach trees. The place has a beautiful landscape and the rose garden is simply delightful. While here, don’t miss out on the biggest peach tree that you will ever see in north China.

You can only guess how the capital of China decks up, thanks to the floral world. In case, you are visiting the city in summer, you can visit Xiangshui Lake for azaleas, apricot blossoms, and peach blossoms. Apart from these flowers, Beijing is quite popular for china roses, lilacs, and pearl flowers.

After roaming around the big cities, you can find peace around Danjing Mountain or other hilly regions. The places are the prime examples of scenic beauty. Who knows, you can find peony or rhododendron blooming in abundance everywhere? With the professional guides, you are guaranteed to meet tranquility amidst the wild nature without putting too much effort. So, book your tickets for China botanical tours now.

Author bio: Yuan Yen is a travel blogger who has been talking about how to take preparation for China botanical tours. Here, she discusses the most famous cities where you can visit for making wildflower holidays a success.

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