19 Incredible Marijuana Facts


Incredible Marijuana Facts.

Marijuana, cannabis, hashish – are unit varieties of the sunshine narcotics containing psychotropic substances, in addition as medicine made from it. Those lightweight narcotics area unit prohibited by law the majority over the planet.


But, let’s discover some curious facts on marijuana. After all, it’s admitted in Israel and within the twenty United States of America states as a medical product. Where as the advantages of marijuana (medical cannabis) smoking is debatable, many folks agree that it’s helpful to smoke marijuana. They believe that this drug ought to be legal for medical use and presupposed to be unbroken reception in special Smell Proof Bags.


  1. Marijuana is formed from dried crushed flowers and leaves of cannabis;
  2. There are units concerning 162 million adults worldwide, UN agency use marijuana a minimum of once a year;
  3. Marijuana is that the preferred once alcohol reposeful and a mood-raising drug that’s used everywhere the world;
  4. Virtually 40% of school students within the United States of America have tried marijuana a minimum of once in their lives, and 20% of scholars use it regularly;
  5. According to the analysis, 800 “jambs” area unit required to kill someone, however the reason behind death are going to be poisoning with a monoxide, however not a narcotic substance;
  6. There are more than 200 slang names for marijuana. The most common are pot, weed, hash, and ganja;
  7. The international medical and scientific name of marijuana is cannabis. However, in the US it is more often simply called a “substance”;
  8. The name “marijuana” comes from Mexican slang. It is believed that this name is a combination of the Spanish pronunciation of the names Maria and Jane. (Two of these names in Mexican military slang designate prostitutes or brothels). The name “marijuana” became popular in the US in the late 1800s;
  9. The plant cannabis basically can grow in almost any environment. The growth rate is on average 3-5 cm per day. The height of an adult plant is about half a meter; Incredible Marijuana Facts.
  10. The main active ingredient in marijuana is THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol). Exactly this chemical substance influence the mind and causes the effect from marijuana usage;
  11. The psychoactive effect of THC in small doses brings the feeling of exemption, delight, distortion of perception of time. The drug can also cause an increase the visual sensitivity and exacerbation of the perception of the taste and smell;
  12. The concentration of THC in the plant cannabis depends on the weather conditions, soil type, harvesting time, and the mixture proportions of dry leaves and flowers in the objective product. A marijuana sample can contain from 3% to 20% THC;
  13. Countries where marijuana is partially or fully legalized: Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium, England, Switzerland (only for personal use), Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, (for medical purposes). In the countries where marijuana is legalized for personal use, its storage amount is regulated by the law;
  14. From 1850 to 1942, marijuana was enclosed within the United States of America formulary as a cure for nausea, rheumatism, and pain. it had been offered at any native grocery or pharmacy;
  15. Proponents of the medical marijuana believe that the drug features a important medical worth for patients who are suffering from AIDS, glaucoma, cancer, degenerative disorder, brain disorder and chronic pain;
  16. In 2003, Canada became the primary country within the world to just accept medical marijuana as a technique to cure pain;
  17. In 1996, Golden State became the primary United States of America state to wrongfully enable the usage of medical marijuana by patients with the advice of a doctor;
  18. eighty fifth of cannabis round the world is full-grown inside with associate facilitate of special bright bulbs;
  19. Within the world, there aren’t any official records of deaths owing to the usage of marijuana. Even performing arts experiments on dogs, it had been impractical to search out what dose would cause a death. The dog’s body sustained actually “horse doses” of marijuana.
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