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14 Surprising Benefits to Buying a Powersports Extended Service Contract

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As the proud owner of a new powersports vehicle, you want to do everything to protect it. You may have heard about the benefits of purchasing an extended service contract but are not sure if it’s worth the investment. Here are 14 reasons why buying a powersports extended service contract is a wise decision:

  1. You can avoid expensive repairs.

The cost of repairs is a major expense when it comes to owning a powersports vehicle. However, an extended service contract can help you avoid these costly repairs.

  1. You can get discounts on parts and labor.

When you have an extended service contract, you are eligible for discounts on parts and labor from participating dealerships. This can save you a significant amount of money over time.

  1. You can get 24/7 roadside assistance.

If you break down or have a flat tire, you can call for roadside assistance, and someone will come to help you. This service is included with most extended service contracts.

  1. You can get trip interruption coverage.

If you’re on a trip and your vehicle breaks down, your extended service contract may cover the cost of a hotel room and transportation home.

  1. You can get rental car reimbursement.

If your vehicle is being repaired and you need a rental car, most extended service contracts will reimburse you for the cost of the rental.

  1. You may be able to cancel the contract at any time.

If you decide you no longer want the extended service contract, you may be able to cancel it at any time and receive a refund for the unused portion.

  1. You can transfer the contract to a new owner.

If you sell your vehicle, you can transfer the extended service contract to the new owner. But, again, this can be a selling point when it comes time to negotiate the sale price.

  1. You can choose from a variety of coverage options.

When you purchase an extended service contract, you can choose from various coverage options to customize the protection to your specific needs.

  1. You can have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected.

An extended service contract gives you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected against unexpected repairs.

  1. You can extend the life of your vehicle.

By properly maintaining your vehicle and making sure all repairs are made in a timely manner, you can extend the life of your vehicle.

  1. You can protect your investment.

Your powersports vehicle is a major investment, and an extended service contract helps you protect that investment.

  1. You can avoid the hassle of dealing with repairs.

When you have an extended service contract, you don’t have to worry about making arrangements for repairs or taking your vehicle to the shop. Instead, the dealership will take care of everything for you.

  1. You can get priority service.

You will usually get priority service at the dealership when you have an extended service contract. This means you won’t have to wait as long for repairs to be made.

  1. You can have peace of mind while on the road.

If you’re traveling and your vehicle breaks down, an extended service contract can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered.


An extended service contract is an important investment for any powersports vehicle owner. However, the benefits of having one far outweigh the cost of the contract. When you purchase an extended service contract, you protect your investment and ensure that you can enjoy your vehicle for many years.

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