10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs To Have To Meet Every Fashion


Fashion and women have become almost synonymous. With every season, it is essential to upgrade the closet and add something new. However, there are some clothes and accessories that are eternal. No trend can cut the value of those assets that can make every occasion perfect. It is the way of using the material that can be changed from season to season.

 1. Scarf:

An exclusive hand-woven embroidered pashmina scarf is a must for every season. Whether you are wearing casual or traditional, the bright cashmere scarf will complement every outfit. You can also check the classy and gorgeous cashmere shawl that you can wear in every time of year.

2. White Tee:

The versatility of the white tee is so fascinating that it can go with almost everything. It is like the piece of cloth that you can wear every single day of the year and you will look different; almost! Pair it with the blue jeans or put around a bright red pashmina scarf, there are so many options you can mix n match and create a new look every time.

3. A Pair Of Blue Jeans:

If there is any particular dress that has not gone out of fashion ever since its inception is the pair of denim blue jeans. From a 5 year old girl to her 50 years old grand mom; every one must own a pair of traditional blue denim.

4. Little Black Dress:

This is a perfect choice every occasion when you have ‘nothing to wear’. The LBD is so essential that it does not even want an explanation. Whether you are wearing in day or night time; it will never go wrong. A little advice for your little black dress – you need to know your body shape before purchasing for the right LBD for you.

5. Sharp Blazer:

For the hard workhorse, a classy blazer can complete the look before going to the office. The cocktail dress for the evening party will get the chic touch up with the blazer.

6. Black Trouser:

To build the perfect look you need to have a solid foundation. The black trouser is that foundation on which you can create the look of the day. You can either go with high waist flare cut or pencil straight, they can be the treasure of your closet for years.

7. Knee Length Skirt:

It is another essential that can be both casual and formal. In every occasion, it will give a win-win position for everybody. For the ultimate classy look, you can pair it with a sweater, blazer or simple top to get every dimension of it.

8. Pump:

As per the fashion mantra; people will notice your shoes first before your attire. So, always remember to wear classy shoes to impress the onlookers. On this point, we must mention the pointy pump that is like forever in fashion. Boost your confidence with this footwear staple for your board meeting or after-work appointment.

9. Sneakers:

This trendy pair of shoes is so much in fashion that people are pairing it with the traditional outfits as well. You can walk miles on this comfy pair of sneakers. Rest your feet in weekend and roam in fashion and comfort shoes.

10.Button Up Shirt:

Finally, we like to close this discussion with a clean and elegant button up shirt. It can give you endless options to pair and create a new dimension of look every time.

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