10 Reasons: Why Travel Agents like to work with Airline Consolidators


Travel agents prefer Airline consolidator for Low International Fares

Some travel agencies might have access to one GDS or two. By connecting with the Airline consolidator they can provide best fares across the multiple GDS. It increases their range and flexibility. That lets them achieve best fares on top international destinations also. They find associating with consolidators useful as it helps them offer discounted fares to customers in the era of high air traffic. That carries the chances of high earnings on selling international tickets too.  Access to standard airfare content helps travel agency in getting more customers on its travel website.

Airfare Consolidator helps Travel agents in getting back their old customers

Somewhere consolidator fares also help travel agencies in reaching their old customers again. They become able to maintain loyalty by offering special deals to those customers. Travel Agencies are capable of evaluating their customer travel information. Like, they can check the records of their past itineraries. That enables them to reach those customers again. Then, they can also offer discounts based on events or festivals in their preferred destinations. Travel agents can also take the business to the next level by thinking deeper on reaching their old travelers. For example, they may also drop the markup price for such travelers. Doing this makes them maintain customer trust for many years.

Travel Agents save big on published fares by connecting with Airline Consolidators

Consolidators maintain trusted relations with Airlines for a long time in order to get the best possible Airfare deals. They negotiate with Airlines to ask discounted fares and ensure the huge sale of their flight tickets. After that, they offer those net fares to travel agencies. That makes the agencies earn commissions on the net fares by adding required markups. The savings done on published fares with the help of consolidators makes them earn high profit.

Airfare Consolidator allows you to use their Online Booking System

Airline consolidator lets you use their online booking system and provides you access to best fares. You just need to set an account with it.  For example, TravelAgentMall allows you to register for most discounted Airfares. You sign up there and get access to the lowest net fares. Likewise, if you need the Account activation, the process is short and simple. Travel agencies just need to submit a few details like agency name, target markets, etc. Once they are registered they can book discounted flight tickets for their customers.

Airline Consolidator helps in Saving your time

It offers a user-friendly approach to find the best airfares for your customers in very less time. Travel agents can easily perform multiple search on online booking system of consolidator. That lets them find out the required fare types, pricing, flight timings, etc. The advanced filters of consolidator’s booking system may help in getting faster results. The transactions done there, may also save a lot of time for travel agents.

Travel Agents can utilize Advance Marketing done by Airfare Consolidators

There are many Airline consolidators who display the deals in advance with the help of social media or by other marketing sources. That could help travel agents in offering money-saving deals to customers. Discounts can be based on the marketing promotions of consolidators. Some travelers used to visit a few destinations on a frequent basis. You can inform them in advance about low fare deals on their preferred destinations and keep them trusting you for a long time.

Travel Agents think Consolidator fares help in dealing with Market Competition

Many leading travel agencies work with Airline consolidators to differentiate their fares from their competitors. That not only helps them in getting customer faith but also in growing their businesses. They get a good profit when they buy consolidator fares and offer them after adding decent markups. That also helps them in dealing with the market competition and the challenges faced in the travel industry.

Airfare Consolidators can offer 24/7 customer support to Travel Agencies

Some Airline ticket consolidators offer round the clock customer support service. That is good for travel agencies as they can get help from them anytime in case of emergency, delays, or cancellations, etc. As consolidator has a direct relation with Airlines, it can inform travel agents about any trouble anytime. With consolidator fares, you have the potential to offer compensations to your customers for any trouble caused. So that they can trust you even more for managing difficult situations in a better way.

Unrestricted & Secure Medium to book tickets for your customers

Travel agencies can use consolidators without getting worried about the secured bookings and transactions. They can book tickets for customers anytime without any restrictions.

Easily book SOTO tickets with the help of Airline Consolidators

Airline Consolidator has wide-spread reach as they work with various Airlines. They can help travel agencies in booking tickets from anywhere for their customers. Even for the origin and destinations outside the country from where they book. For example, agencies can also book SOTO tickets without any trouble.

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