10 Common Mistakes Solo Travellers Are Doing


It’s normal to make mistakes in life. However, when it comes to solo travelling, it might be best not to make any. Solo travelling is a progressive and enthralling type of travel in the 21st century. And solo travel may sound absurd to some people, but it can be the answer to how solely we discover ourselves in many ways. 

Some people may tell you that travelling alone is something that you shouldn’t be doing right now because of how dangerous the world is becoming. But that is not true! As long as you are aware and knowledgeable about the things that you need to avoid doing as a solo traveller, then you’ll be fine.

So what are these solo travelling mishaps you should be avoiding? Keep on reading! 

Mistake #1 Not Planning Enough 

Planning ahead may be fun to some, but for other travellers, they don’t really enjoy the process. Some just like to travel without a plan and just go with the flow. However, a little amount of planning is very important too. You may want to do your research and identify the risks of your destination before you arrive there by using your government’s travel advisory page. 

You need to know what documents you’re required to acquire to enter that destination, how you can get there, where you’ll stay, and your budget. These are some of the basics you need to consider when it comes to planning. 

Mistake #2 Staying in Hostels 

You should never feel obligated to stay in hostels. Since this is the most common suggestion that you will receive when you try to research solo travel online as these provide the chance to meet people instantly and comparatively easily. Some people do really like the idea of hostels but you can also find value in the casual, more traditional lodging. 

Mistake #3 Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Without Security 

This is why it’s called Public Wi-Fi because it’s public. Your personal data can be taken without your permission when you use their connection. Although, some data is not really that important, be careful if you’re booking a room with your credit card or signing in to a website that could steal your important information. 

Mistake #4 Staying and Visiting Quiet Towns 

This is one of the most common mistakes that solo travellers do. Solo travel is a social experience and you don’t want to isolate yourself with opportunities that can let you interact with fellow travels as well. The best type of solo travelling experience is involving yourself in lively places where there are plenty of people you can socialize with and attractions to see. 

Mistake #5 Being Too Paranoid With Everyone You Meet 

Solo travellers have the inclination to distrust anyone that wanted to talk them. You worry that they have menacing intentions towards you, particularly in the first few days of travelling alone. But once you get used to travelling alone, you will slowly let your guard down. This is also the same with overly trusting, heading off with a stranger after a five-minute conversation. 

Travelling alone should come with a balance of trust and scepticism. If you give in too far in both directions, you would end up in such isolation or risky situation. Just be nice and enjoy having conversations with locals and fellow travellers, but don’t trust too early and head off alone with someone you just met, especially in a place that’s unfamiliar to you. 

Mistake #6 Not Splurging Once in Awhile 

Travelling alone can give you that sense of self-empowerment. There is this incredible confidence you gain when you’re a solo traveller. However, solo travel can be a bit tiring over time. There’s this tendency that you will always feel the need to get up and go, to keep moving. If you ever feel this, there is nothing wrong if you want to splurge a bit on some “me” time every once in a while. 

If you’ve prepared for this, you can ditch for that hostel for a wonderful hotel some nights. You can eat and drink sumptuously on a fancy meal or get through a day doing completely nothing. 

Remember that travelling alone will give you the best and worst experiences, but it will provide you with memories you’ll be happy and proud that you have made. But it’s better to avoid these mistakes we’ve shared with you that you can make on solo travels. 

So have you gone on a solo trip before? If yes, do you have other solo travel mistakes we’ve missed out? Comment them down below! 

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, one of Australia’s luxury hotels providing accommodation in Parramatta and great historical Sydney experience for tourists. She is also a content crafter who researches and writes custom content about travel, fashion, finance, business, home improvements, health, and beauty in order to provide helpful information and tips for her readers. Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. 

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